Being Kind to Yourself

Today I choose to embrace my imperfections Let us be kind to ourselves, less self-judgement, be less critical to ourselves and less harsh on our own short comings. Today I choose to embrace my imperfections and recognise that I am still human.

About Sue

I am Sue. I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, and I am also a human being who cares. When I say I will do it, I will get it done. 
I live by this maxim: Listen to your heart, Follow your gut, my kindness and intuition have served me well over the years. Give wisely, Help those worthy of help, Some people just need that little bit of help, just that one listening ear, just that one phrase of encouraging words, just that one time of understanding and affirmation to make it through a rough patch in their life. Having literally saved lives, both rescued animals and also saved babies from abortion, my personal mission extends beyond my own interest and I put my heart where it matters especially when crucial decisions of life and death are in play.

So I finally have a dot com in my own name

I have been meaning to post here since I have gotten my own domain name many moons ago yet I procrastinated. I AM GUILTY AS CHARGED. YES. Then I heard from one speaker earlier this year that procrastination happens because you fear you will be too great and too awesome to handle and I was like... "For real?" Let's see how awesome will be in the coming months as I nip procrastination starting from July 22, 2016. Challenge accepted! In the meanwhile, do get your own .com if you are into this personal branding exercise. Talking about exercise, that is another point for contention and my favourite procrastination. I get quite attached to procrastination. Time to detach! haha